A fleet of Institute buses is available from nearly all important points in Agra and Mathura for the day scholars at economical rates. The specified route can be found from the Transport Incharge or Registrar’s Office.


Students desirous of availing the Institute Bus facilities should obtain application Forms from Transport Incharge or Front office, deposit the prescribed Charges with the accounts office and obtain bus cards from the Transport Incharge (stamp size colour photographs needed). Transportation Charges (Bus Fee) is Rs. 13,500 per Year.

For the first year new arrivals students/parents can avail road transports buses either form Bhagwan Talkies (Agra) or Bus Stop (Mathura), the Agra Mathura Buses stop on request at the Institute Gate, which is an official U.P. Roadways Bus Stop.

Transport Incharges

  • Mr. Vijay Vir Singh : +91-9568006083
  • Mr. Hitendra Kudesiya : +91-8192900768