Applied Science

Applied Science

Applied Sciences & Humanities department is the Basic Department to all Engineering, Technology and Management courses. Initially planned as a support department it has rather emerged as the most fundamental department which provides basic knowledge & guidance to all other departments. Enriched with the most senior and qualified faculty members who are stalwarts in their field the Department of Applied sciences & Humanities also handles the most sensitive responsibility of taking care of, preparing and handling the first year students who are coming fresh from various school systems & have no idea and orientation of the Engineering & Technology courses and their stringent study and personality requirements. Without this critical care and support most, if not all, students will not be able to derive full benefits of their course or may even leave.

It provides Lab and faculty for Physics, Chemistry (Sciences) and their application, Mathematics, Environment, Languages/communication, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Industrial Relation/acts/behavior, entrepreneurship etc.

Software: Clarity infinity from focus technology to learn native style english & other foreign languages & their speaking. This software provides methods of learning English/Foreign language in a basic way required for engineering students for finding placement abroad.

Various English/foreign language website based activities are also carried out on websites like Cambridge, oxford etc. on web softwares like ELT (English language teaching), ELTAI (English language teaching as Indian) for language & communication expertise.

Lab Infrastructure: Full fledged advanced computer systems with multimedia and broadcast facility to students and feedback to faculty.

Head of The Department
Dr. S.K.S. Rathore
Email Id: